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Yes, I did something completely different today and made handmade paper out of part of my shredding pile. It was fun.

I used the instructions from this tutorial by Launi, and it was surprisingly easy.

If you want a smoother finish to your paper, make sure you press it down really well, for instance between tea towels or other smooth textured fabric, on a hard surface, with a large book on top, and then STAND ON IT!

If you're not using flower seeds, you can iron the pieces between tea towels to get them to dry faster. However, they will still need to dry overnight as a minimum.

Here's a picture of one graciousrain made. Her fantastic gift tag has flower seeds embedded in it so you can tear it up and plant it in the garden!

I didn't blend mine for as long as she did, so I still have a few words and part words running through the paper.

This could be a fantastic idea for wedding invitations if you printed the names of the bride and groom, and other suitable messages, on to the paper before tearing and lightly blending it so some of the wording remains visible. EDIT: Note that this should be done on a laser printer, otherwise it will dissolve in water.

ADDED LATER: I have also made six fantastic sheets of green paper out of an egg box! I'm having so much fun with this! Just need to work out an effective way of drying them that doesn't take up vast amounts of space ...

I also went to the £1 shop this afternoon, and found they had huge boxes of wildflower seeds, so I might be making some flower seed paper after all!


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