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It's been a busy month. I'm a year older, the trees are starting to go slightly brown at the edges, and I'm going back to University in a month's time to do an Art & Design Diploma!

One of the big highlights was the Guild of Silk Painters Festival, held at Wanstead House in East London. The screen which the Essex Branch made for the Branch Challenge was amazing! Here's a picture:

This is the "KaleidosCape", which Surrey members worked so hard to produce:

As part of the Festival, we also had people from Quilts for London, a selection of other workshops, "have a go" sessions, and an exhibition of members' work on the theme of Kaleidoscope. I had three items in the exhibition - a scarf, a cushion and a small picture.

I went on a one day wax workshop with Sue Thomas. It was useful to have a whole day to work on layering, and I feel I understand it better now. Working from light to dark, for me, feels somewhat like working in reverse. This piece still needs the rest of the wax ironing out, and may turn into a cushion cover later. I enjoyed working with the wax brush. This piece had at least 10 different coats of wax on it, including a crackle layer at the end.

I'm working on some new fused glass pieces at the moment, so these will probably come up in my next update.

In other news, today I have been reading Jane Brocket's Blog, which is really interesting and quite inspirational. She's the author of books such as The Gentle Art of Knitting and The Gentle Art of Quilt Making.

This afternoon I decided to make biscuits, using an old recipe out of the Readers Digest book "The Cookery Year". However, I was out of some of the ingredients so decided to be creative and make something up! They came out rather well ...

Recipe: Makes about 48 large (2 inch approx) biscuits. If you want to use half an egg, you can halve the quantities!
5 oz granulated sugar
5 oz Olivio (olive spread)
12 oz wholemeal self raising flour
1 egg (beaten)
2 tbsp golden syrup
2 tbsp lemon juice

(You could add lemon peel or sultanas if you like.)

Beat sugar and olivio
Add egg
Add flour, golden syrup and lemon juice

Spoon heaped teaspoons on to teflon sheet on baking tray (you can roll into little balls and squash with fork if you prefer - this will make a lot more biscuits!)

Bake for 12 mins in fan oven pre-heated to 180c.
They will expand a bit.

Remove from tray and cool on baking rack.


(Recipe (c) Jane Cameron 2011)

I post more regular updates (shorter ones!) on my FB fan page, so do pop over and say hello! Or you can visit my website (www.janecameron.co.uk) for more information on my silk painting courses and to shop online.


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