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As per previous post, I started making this panel on Sunday. It's now finished, and I think it's fantastic!

Larger pics of front and back below the cut. I think the back view is really interesting and will definitely be doing more like it in the future - the back is offcuts of silk I had from previous projects...
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I've had the most FUN afternoon! Doing dissolvable fabric panels with my silk painting group!

It was so fun that when they all went home I carried on and have made a second panel and turned it into cards, and started a more intricate THIRD panel and it's all done bar the beading!

I have also sorted my "stuff" stash into colours, which will make it easier to do coordinating panels... hadn't realised quite how much I had until I got it out for them to have a play with ...

Have a taster picture!

This one isn't finished, but it's so fantastic I had to share it now! I need to finish beading the other poppies, and then wash off the dissolvable fabric, so it's not too far off... I've done at least 2-3 hours on it already ... argh! Oh well, it's great fun and is getting me used to using the sewing machine!

It has some quite complicated machining on it (see second picture below!) ... and also has quite a lot of hand painted silk on the lower layers. The poppies are made from merino wool tops.
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I made a necklace and dangly earrings set in faceted gold and silver glass beads for a lady who was going on holiday and wanted something sparkly to wear in the evenings. She popped round today to tell me that they're absolutely perfect and exactly what she had imagined!
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I had forgotten how much fun these are to make ...

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Why not have one to go with each of your favourite work outfits? Express your personality!


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