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Thank you to We Love Woking for inviting me to speak about my experiences of social media as an artist at the Woking Arts Hub meeting last night, along with representatives from The Lightbox, We Love Woking and Dance Woking.

They talked about three of the main social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), what they were used for and how to set them up, and I talked about my experience of using the business side of Facebook as an artist.

I had a fabulous time - it was so lovely to be able to meet other local artists in a social environment - too often we only see each other at craft fairs or other events where we have to concentrate on our customers rather than chatting to each other.

I caught up with some people I hadn't seen for ages, including Zahir from We Love Woking, Karen from Tilly's Magic Lantern and Caroline Rutter who makes lovely stained glass.

I also met some wonderful new people, including the fantastic Tim Rudman (go and look at his photos - they are stunning!), Melanie Paice - look out for her new project with The Lightbox, and the lovely Sally Medlyn who was representing the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

I also met Joanne from The Newson Academy of Performing Arts, who are looking for a singing teacher on Saturdays. Please get in touch with them to apply.


About Woking Arts Hub:

This is a new organisation which has been set up at the instigation of The Lightbox, offering support, advice and networking opportunities to local people working in all branches of the arts in the Borough.

It is hoped that these regular networking meetings will provide the perfect opportunity for artists to find out about what arts activities are going on in the Borough and make the contacts to help develop new activities.

If you are interested in coming along to the networking meetings, then please contact Heather Thomas on heather.thomas@thelightbox.org.uk


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