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I had a most fabulous day yesterday - went to see "Butterflies in the Glasshouse" at Wisley RHS Garden. They had a free admission day as they were celebrating their 210th Birthday.

I set off fairly early, and was glad I did, as we were queueing all the way down the motorway towards the slip road. I was surprised at the sheer number of cars pouring into the car park, but with the weather forecast promising a nice day I can see why so many people took the opportunity to have a free day out.

They had lots of parking attendants on hand to guide us to our spaces, which was very helpful, and lots of staff handing out membership leaflets on the door when we arrived.

I made a beeline(!) straight for the butterflies, as I knew there would be a queue. We had to queue for about 20 minutes before we got into the butterfly part of the glasshouse, which wasn't a problem as they'd suggested it could be up to an hour ... and there were loads of lovely cacti and succulents to photograph along the way.

So, I walked into the butterfly house, got out my camera ... and the lens steamed up!!! It was very hot and humid in there and the butterflies were having a lovely time. My lens did clear once it got acclimatised, so here are a few photos!

It was lovely to see so many fabulous butterflies - wish they had sat still for a bit longer though as a lot of my photos came out as "motion shots"! People were all pointing out hidden butterflies to each other - it was a really nice atmosphere.

I'll be adding some more pics of butterflies to my Facebook page, so do pop over there and say hello! http://www.facebook.com/JaneCameronArtist

The weather was cloudy, which was great for being inside the glasshouse. I left once the sun came out as it got even hotter!

After that, I had a little walk around the gardens - went to the alpine houses, the bonsai walk and their allotment. Then I went home for lunch as the queue for the cafe was enormous!

It was a thoroughly lovely day, and I'd definitely recommend it. The last two days for the butterflies are this weekend.

I'm feeling all inspired to paint butterflies now!
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