Sep. 4th, 2013

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Yes, I'm making glass beads. It's fun. I haven't set fire to myself or the kitchen recently, which is good. The propane tank is doing well, the big BBQ lighting matches are really nice.

Lampworkers - I need something to hold my rod ends with (that's not another glass rod!) - contemplating car battery clips or metal clothes peg, but is there anything else out there (not too expensive and available in the UK)?

Also, mandrel holders - I've put my pillar drill attachment partly together so will be making myself some wooden mandrel holding blocks - currently got them stuck into a piece of polystyrene packaging material!

I made my first big heart shaped bead today ... cased and everything! We'll see if it makes it through the cooling cycle (currently in the vat of vermiculite) and then there will be PICTURES!

I also restricted myself to three colours (black / green / clear) and pulled some stringers and made some beads with dots on. Need to work out how to make fatter stringers (I have instructions somewhere, just need to find & follow!). I have decided I also like beads with the band all the way round the centre - note to self - must make more of these.

PS - I love the "silver black" effetre rod - it's awesome.

PPS - If you want to see pics of my recent glass work, including dinky glass fish, do pop over to my facebook page (It's a public page so you don't even have to login to see it!)


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